Right Furniture Right Spot

Choosing The Right Furniture For The Right Space:
To help you with choosing furniture that fits perfectly in the space that you have available see the top 5 tips about measuring up below:

1. Decide exactly where you would like to place your furniture.
2. Measure the area where you want to place your furniture taking account of skirting boards etc..
3. Use the measurements to create a template from old newspaper or other paper and place on the floor
4. Or sketch a rough plan including dimensions.
5. Note the width, height, and depth of the model you want to order, do allow for tolerance.

You should now be able to see whether or not the furniture will fit within your living space.
Getting Through Your Access Points:
Ensure all widths and diagonal depths of your new furniture measures less than the dimensions of your homes entry points e.g. doors, side gates, hallways and stairways etc.
If your existing furniture came in easily, compare the measurements with the model you want to replace it with.
The diagonal height should be less than the entryway you are planning to use.
Measure width and height of all doorways, hallways, and stairways, remembering to take into account unmovable objects such as banisters and turns.
Remember obstacles such as radiators, and lights on walls and ceilings.

Download printable version with graph paper of 'Right furniture right place'

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